Chess, The Musical - Statement - 6th April 2022

A statement from Encore Theatre Company regarding our forthcoming production of Chess the Musical.

Everyone at Encore Theatre Company is shocked and saddened by the devastating war we are currently witnessing in Ukraine.
Encore Theatre Company's decision to perform Chess the Musical was taken three years ago when the world we know today was a very different place. Our production planned for July 2020 had to be postponed much to the disappointment of our talented and hardworking cast. Therefore, during last year we made the decision to stage this show in July 2022.
We could never have envisaged at that time that we would be in this tragic situation and we are well aware that staging Chess the Musical (set against the backdrop of the Cold War between Russia and America) will portray themes that will make this a difficult story to tell for our Company and audience alike.
We have consulted with our cast members and production team to discuss the relevance and suitability of this production in the current political climate and have decided to proceed with our rehearsals and planned performances at this time. Please be assured that we will carefully monitor the situation in the wider world and react accordingly if there are implications which mean we cannot proceed.
To pledge our support to the courageous people of Ukraine, our production will support the relevant charities that are currently working with Ukraine and the refugees in Europe, by organising audience collections at each performance and a backstage collection for cast members too. We hope this gesture will help in a small way to support Ukraine and we hope we can rely on your ongoing support.

ETC - 6th April 2022